Professional Audio Mastering

Engineered in Liverpool.

Two Zero Nine

Formed in 2017 by engineer Graeme Lynch, we have been serving musicians, labels and recording studio’s around the world from our dedicated mastering studio in Liverpool.

We offer bespoke mastering services using our class-A analogue equipment to help give your music that high fidelity, professional and commercial sound.

We are dedicated to helping you deliver your audio to your audience.

Colour Your Audio.


A hybrid setup blends the textures and harmonics of our hand selected range of analogue equipment, together with the precision of digital tools and processing, allowing us to deliver the best possible results for your music.

Our Kii Three monitoring, combined with the transparency of Prism converters, gives us the best listening experience and ability to make decisions in order to give you and your music exactly what it needs.

We have curated an exciting playlist for you to hear the work we have achieved working alongside artists and studio’s around the world:

Contour Your Music.

Apple Digital Masters Certified

Digital distribution is no longer an afterthought. It is today’s dominant medium for consuming music and as such needs to be treated with utmost care and attention. We are an official Apple certified mastering studio. We guarantee your music will be digitally distributed to the highest possible standards. Read more here

Control Your Sound.