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Two Zero Nine mastering services was officially founded in 2017 by mastering engineer Graeme Lynch. Two Zero Nine currently works along side studio’s, labels and artist teams around the world offering high end, industry standard mastering services.

Our mission is to help you take your music from the studio to your audience as easily as possible, maintaining high quality & standards throughout the process.

We have helped many artists, like yourself, achieve this by offering guidance, feedback & support in this final and most important stage of your music’s journey.

Mastered for iTunes certified facilities

Professional Mastering Services

Mastering is the final stage of the production process. Once your music has been recorded and mixed, it gets handed over to a mastering engineer for the final check. During this stage we’ll look at the overall sound & balance of your music, the stereo image, the dynamic range and of course, the final loudness of your track.

The goal is to create a master copy of your music that will sound as similar as possible on all speaker systems and headphones as well as being able to sound similar across all types of media platform: Streaming, digital and physical.

Quick And Easy Mastering Services

To get things started, simply send us an e-mail with your track. We are able to take a listen and get straight to work. We aim to return all tracks fully mastered within 48 hours.

It’s all about you and your music.

Want to know more?

For quick mastering, please fill out our online form! Don’t forget to include any additional information you think we may need – including file transfer links, references, previous material etc

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For general information – just send us a message! Include your phone number if you would like a call back (UK only) or your skype details (World wide)

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours! For mastering requests, you will receive an invoice attached so be sure to check your spam folder!

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