At the heart of every professional studio is a collection of high quality analogue equipment. A carefully selected variety of tools to help us deliver high standards to you and your music.


Possibly the unsung hero of the studio. The one that often gets overlooked by many. We use Prism Sounds to convert our audio between the analogue and digital realm. For those of you already familiar with Prism Sounds, you will know the sharpness & clarity they deliver. For those not as familiar, Prism Sounds can be found in some of the mastering studio’s around the world. Including ours!


An essential part of any music producers arsenal: The EQ. From parametric to passive – we are able to add, remove, sculpt, enhance and shape your audio. We often use a range of analogue and digital EQ’s depending on the job at hand. From adding low end thump, or high end sparkle or surgically removing unwanted frequencies to clear up your track, we are able to give your track that finesse and sheen.


Although, typically, not a great deal of compression happens during the mastering process, it can still be a very helpful tool in an engineers arsenal. Whether it’s adding colour to your track, or simply reducing some harsh transients. We have a variety of compressors to suit each job at hand. Including an SSL 4000 style Bus compressor!

There are other stages of the production process, including limiting & gain staging. If you would like to know more information about our processes, or about our equipment, head on over to our contact page and get in touch.

At Two Zero Nine we are constantly looking for ways to improve how we work and how we can deliver an excellent service to you. As a result, all of our equipment is subject to change.