Preparing your track for mastering

The best way to get a great mix & master is to make sure your song is sounding exactly how you want it to and to make sure you record it as best you can. Always try fix problems early on in the production process. A mastering engineer can’t fix a terrible mix. A mixing engineer can’t fix a terrible recording etc etc. Here are some basic things to think about before you submit your music to us:

Am I completely happy with my track so far?an obvious question, but probably the first thing you should ask. Has my track been recorded how I want it? Has the producer added everything I need? Fix your problems as early on as you can! Mastering is adding the final touches to your mix to make it exciting, to make it stand out, to have that depth and clarity. If you are not happy with your mix, let us know and we can offer a remixing service.

What do I want my song to sound like?again, basics first. If you listen to your mix, or the early track recordings…. is it close to how you want it or a million miles away? We will improve the current mix of your track in the mastering stage, adding finesse and accentuating certain frequencies. If your track needs a more mixing work, it’s probably best to fix it first with our mixing & pre mastering services.

Where is my song going to be played?“MAKE IT LOUD” is probably what you’re expecting from mastering more than anything, but depending on what you want your music to be played on will mean a different approach. Louder doesn’t always mean better. Spotify and other online media players will ‘normalise’ your track so they will sound the same volume as every other track online. Stereo image is always important to keep in mind if your song is going to be played in clubs (this might be best to keep your bass lines mono!)

Does my track have any limiting or compression?It’s a mistake we have all made in the past: We’ve mixed our track and forgot to remove the limiter/compressor from our mix bus! Always double check! If your music has a lot of heavy compression, and this is how you want your music to sound, just let us know in an e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your services?

Simply send us your tracks, stems, ideas with as many notes & references as you can and we’ll do the rest.

How much do you charge?
Our services range from set prices to commission work. For a quote, fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What will you use on my track? Analogue, digital or both?
We will use as little or as many tools as we feel are required to deliver you a high quality product. Wether that be an all analogue mix down or a digital master track.

How can i make sure I get a good result from your services?
The best way to turn your idea into a great sounding track is a lot more simple than you think! A great song, rehearsed and arranged, will give you much better results when you record. A great recording will mean less work needs to be done in the mix down, resulting in a more natural sounding track. And finally, a great mix should not require any mastering!* But as this is rarely the case, we would still highly recommend giving your music to a trusted set of ears for 1 final check!

*Mastering Audio: The art and the science by Bob Katz

Should I try mix or master my own music?
Mixing and mastering your own music is not always the best idea. Even if you have high quality audio equipment, sometimes it’s a good idea to lend your music to another set of ears. But it can be helpful to include any mixing or mastering you have of your own music as a reference track.

Should I use online mastering services (computer based)?
So you have just spent hours, days, weeks, months crafting your music. Squeezing the best out of it in ever area possible. Would you like to give it to an experienced professional, who will sit down and nurture your track through the final stages, and add those final touches they think will help your track reach the ears of many fans in the best, musical way possible? Or would you rather a computer do that for you…