“…We are here to help your music sound the way it should…”


Mastering is the final stage of your musics production path. Mastering is removing the unwanted mud from your track. Mastering is adding that final sparkle to your song. Mastering is getting it loud. Mastering is keeping it dynamic. Mastering is making sure it plays right on all media platforms, digital and physical. Doing that is simple, in the right hands. We are here to help your music sound the way it should using our expertise and passion for music.

Once you are happy with your music and wish to proceed with our mastering services, all you need to do is drop us an e-mail. We will do our best to return singles within a 48 hour window. EP’s & albums will need a bit more work so please allow more time for this. In some circumstances test masters are available. We can also offer feedback on mixes.

Remember, if in doubt…. ask your mastering engineer. That’s what we are here for!

“How do I submit my track? Is there anything I should check before I do?”


There are some things to consider before you submit your music for mastering. The obvious are often the most overlooked. Here’s a quick checklist of questions you should be asking yourself before you consider submitting your track for mastering:

“Am I happy with my mix?” Is your music sounding how you want it to? It shouldn’t sound a million miles away from the end result. A good mastering engineer should try and do as little as possible in order to preserve the original recording and sound you and your engineer have worked to produce up to this point. If your mix isn’t sounding quite right, it’s probably a good idea to go back to your producer/mixing engineer and make any changes now. It’s always best to try and fix problems as early on as you can. Mastering should be a final check; a bit of touching up here and there. Not a big overhaul.

“Where is my music going to be played?” Am I releasing my music online? Am I going to release my music on vinyl? Is my music going to be played on big club speakers? We’ve all heard of vinyl, we’ve all heard of the loudness wars, and we might have heard about digital platforms compressing your music in order to keep everything the same volume. Letting us know how you plan on releasing your music will help us give you a better end result. For albums & EP’s, we’ll need to consider track orders and even album length if you are going for vinyl/CD.

“What do I want my music to sound like?” Sometimes it’s easier to let us do what we think is best for your music. Sometimes you have more of an idea what you want your music to sound like. Giving us reference material and even test masters you have done yourself is going to be a big help. It will give us an idea of your expectations and opportunity to discuss whether or not this is even possible. Let’s be honest, turning a song recorded at home on Garageband into a chart topper might not be doable, but we can at least discuss more likely outcomes and even offer a remixing service.