Other Services

Stem Mastering:

Other services can be offered as an alternative to mastering. Sometimes you aren’t able to make any changes to your original mix but have the stems. In this instance we can offer a stem master. It’s similar to mastering but we’ll be able to make more detailed changes to, for example, your drums if we have the whole drum stem.

Analogue Summing:

Want your drums passed through our SSL compressor? Want to just give your mix a little something extra? Send use your track and any settings you have and we can run tracks and stems through our analogue equipment to bring it out of the digital realm and give it some outboard treatment.


Is your track not loud enough? Have you had it mastered already and aren’t quite happy with it? We may be able to offer a remaster/touch up service. It’s always best to go for a new master but sometimes this isn’t always possible. We can always see what can be done to existing work.