Two Zero Nine offers mixing & mastering services online. We also offer a wide range of other audio services. We are here to help you make your music sound the way it should!

Submitting your music for our mixing & mastering services is easy! Here’s a quick step guide:

1. If you are using our mixing services, click here and download our PDF on how to export your stems. Otherwise, you may skip straight to number 3!

2. Zip/Compress your stems (see above) along with any reference material you think we may find useful

3. Send it to and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote

Upon submitting your music, you will be issued with an invoice containing a full breakdown of services, a unique reference number & payment information. Payments are made via bank transfer or Paypal. Work will commence once all payments have cleared.

Deposits & test masters can be negotiated.

For more information about prepping your track for mastering, head on over to our FAQ section!