About Two Zero Nine: The Mastering Studio

Two Zero Nine Mastering is a dedicated mastering studio based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle along side leading digital labels & distributors, recording studio’s & other multi-media creators, run by Mastering Engineer Graeme Lynch.

The studio offers a neutral listening environment, powered by our 2.1 Neumann sound system. The space has been redefined and treated to ensure that every decision made is an essential move to help craft & create the perfect master for you.

Two Zero Nine Mastering has been working with labels, management teams and independent musicians since 2017, covering all genres including Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip-hop, Jazz, Blues, Orchestral/Classical, Soundtrack work for Film & TV and everything in between.

Our clients come from around the world to work with us specifically in our central Liverpool UK studio using our online mastering services.

The Mastering Gear


Graeme has had the opportunity to work with some of the best equipment possible, enabling him to bring in the best tools for the job.

Here’s a few units that we’re currently using and why:

Handcrafted Laboratories Thermos EQ


Thermos is a dual-mono four band parametric mastering grade solid state program EQ. Each channel has 4 parametric bands, where on each band you get a Boost/Attenuation knob to deal with the frequency of your choice, Q knob, ranging from broad to sharp and frequency selection knob.

This EQ is rugged & solid but can be extremely subtle when working on audio. The transformer outs can be used to add colour & musicality, as well as a mid/side mode.

High Voltage Audio EQ-6S

The High Voltage Audio EQ-6S is a six band, mastering grade stereo EQ. With its precision built stepped switches (0.5dB steps -/+ 5.5dB), the EQ-6S provides perfect stereo tracking and ease of recall. The EQ is a broad-stroke, sound sculpting device with 5 fixed frequency bands and a switchable high shelf “Presence Filter”.

Unlike the majority of EQ’s on the market, the EQ-6S is a dedicated stereo EQ. With one set of controls under the hood, the EQ-6S is incredibly quick and easy to dial in. Compared to its rivals, the EQ-6S boasts unrivaled control, precision, noise performance and value.

Elysia Xpressor Compressor


Sound, technology, features: The xpressor has it all. Its all discrete audio path combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch. The clearly laid out functions get you going straight away, while the extended features let you treat dynamics like never before.

Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways – the xpressor shines in many different applications. And should you take your equipment on the road, you’ll certainly enjoy the rigid full aluminium enclosure cutting weight into half.

The Mastering Engineer


Graeme Lynch has been working in the music industry for over 10 years, covering all aspects of the professional audio world from performing, recording, writing, mixing & mastering. He set up Two Zero Nine Mastering while completing his Audio Engineering degree.

“People always ask me why I got into mastering. For me, it’s such an important process. After I hand the music back, it goes straight online, in stores and to the fans. There’s no room for error and it is a big responsibility. I love working with bands & artists because I am able to help them deliver the perfect master to their fans. There’s no better feeling than handing back a track to an artist or band and them being so happy that their creation, their art, is finally ready for their fans. Having my own studio is the icing on the cake as it gives me a listening space that I know so well. I’m looking forward to helping you finish your next project!”

As well as working as a mastering engineer, Graeme also finds time to work in other areas of the professional audio world: From composing music to working at AMS Neve. Graeme helped to beta test the Genesys Black controller plugin as well as offer product knowledge & online media support which you can find on their youtube channel: