Mixing & Mastering Services

We offer first class, industry standard services to help your music sound the way it should.

We have a wide range of analogue equipment as well as various digital tools to help us sculpt your sound and give it that broad cast ready sheen.


Mastering is the final stage of production. Adding the finishing touches to your track. Digging deep inside and removing all unwanted frequencies and balancing out your track. Giving it that warmth, punch, depth and sparkle all commercial music has. And of course, making it loud!

Mastering is our speciality and we are at hand to help you and your music from studio to store. We are able to provide separate masters for streaming services as well as physical media. Whatever you need, just let us know!

Find out how to prepare your track for mastering in our FAQ section.

Other Audio Services:


Mixing services:

A comprehensive mix down of your track, which can range between a quick tidy up to an enhanced re-work of your audio, stem by stem. Usually rounded off with some mix bus magic from our outboard gear.

Analogue Track Summing:

Run your stems through our analogue equipment to add that magic warmth to your music. If you have your own settings, send them as well, and we’ll pass your audio through our outboard circuitry.

Audio stem edits & touch ups:

Audio editing & de-noising for audio books, commentary & all creative works. Previous works have seen us help clients from University research teams to Undergraduate students.

Location Recording & Engineer Hire:


Recording on location:

We have worked with clients on location around the UK. We have portable equipment to help capture your recording in almost any environment.


Engineer Hire:

Need a producer or a studio engineer? Our Avid Pro Tools certified engineer is available to work in any dry hire studio.




E: info@twozeronine.co.uk